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Freightliner Sprinter Van: Smooth Ride for Meridian Recycling Service

Bob B. of Meridian, Mississippi is a businessman, through and through. Seeing a need for computer and electronics hauling and recycling in the area, Bob was the first to strike a claim in this lucrative field of the future. Bob’s working day is spent on four wheels, driving to business after business, collecting old office equipment and computers, giving them new life or disposing of them safely. Now, with business booming, Bob is always looking once more ahead to the future for the next opportunity.

To ensure that his business continues to grow and make money, Bob needed to upgrade his delivery van. The Freightliner Sprinter cargo van was a perfect fit for Bob and his growing business. Whether he is transporting dozens of old computer motherboards or one large copy machine, Bob knows that he can get where he needs to be in as few trips as possible. The large size means that he can take on the biggest of jobs without having to contract out for bigger, more expensive vans. Bob’s customers now see him as their one stop shop for all of their recycling needs, with no job too great or small.

Bob would never tell his friends, but the Freightliner Sprinter van gives him a smooth ride, and that’s important to him. When you spend so many hours a day on the road, comfort becomes a factor. Fortunately, bumps in the road disappear under the Freightliner’s steady, narrow frame and revolutionary weight distribution system. Bob is able to take hard turns in all weather conditions without worrying about the road or its effect on his cargo. Furthermore, the cab is surprisingly spacious as well, giving Bob enough room to comfortably operate his business from the road.

The root of this smooth ride and spacious cargo hold is the Freightliner Sprinter design. The Freightliner name is synonymous with consistent quality in cargo transportation. As a small businessman, Bob cannot afford to be off the road for too long. Every day spent with his van in the shop means deliveries not picked up and invoices going unfilled. Bob is confident knowing that his Freightliner will last him many years with little trouble, until he’s ready to move onto the newest and more innovative Freightliner of the future.

Bob, always a business man, was quickly able to see the other factors in which the Freightliner Sprinter van would save him money. The Freightliner’s base price was easily affordable on his extremely limited budget.

Even better, the fuel efficient engine design meant Bob would actually be saving money in the end. The Freightliner’s powerful diesel engine provides consistently better gas mileage than other comparable cargo vans on the market. With lower gas bills, Bob is able to keep his overhead low and spend more money on developing his business.

Bob’s business has become a success because he was able to look to the future and plan accordingly. No matter what the future holds for Bob or his business, he feels comfortable that the Freightliner Sprinter cargo van was the right choice for him.


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